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Una selezione dei nostri campi di volontariato in Europa con posti ancora disponibili per maggiorenni e minorenni.

Germania – WEISBACH 1 dal 6 al 27 luglio – Età 18-26 (VJF 6.2)
A fortress was built on a hill near the village in the 11th century but it was destroyed during the following century. It has become overgrown with trees and bushes since then. Systematic excavations began in 1984. Please be prepared to live and work in a very remote area.
The volunteers are asked to help on the excavation ground of the fortress with building work, repairing and painting walls, carrying stones or cleaning. Other tasks can be …
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Francia per minorenni – SAINT JULIEN SUR REYSSOUZE 1 dal 13 al 27 luglio – Età 15-17 (Concf-245)

In liaison with a technical coordinator of Concordia and supported by the teams of the river union of the Bassin Versant de la Reyssouze, volunteers will remove invasive plants by using the most appropriate technique (pulling, mowing …). The cleaning will be done manually or with non-thermal tools. On the side, you will participate in an enhancement action of the river bank by cutting down small shrubs (willow).
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Austria – E KTSCHN IM PARK – Vienna dal 7 al 28 luglio – Età 18+ (GL01)
Volunteers will mainly work together with Wien gardeners for the cleaning and maintenance of the famous Augarten Park. Volunteers will also help in painting and maintain facilities of the park. Also local volunteers will be involved.
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Russia – BOLGAR WORLD HERITAGE UNESCO – dal 27 luglio al 12 agosto – Età 18+ – (PZ 04)
“Bolgar World Heritage Volunteers” is an annual project held at Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex World Heritage site, Republic of Tatarstan. The volunteers will be involved in the following tasks: 1. Archaeological artefact collections sorting, photography and data management 2. Creation of the written and photo content for social media pages and the website of Bolgar Museum-Reserve in English and Russian 3. Participation in awareness-raising events for the local community
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Germania anche per minorenni – PLAY PARK DREAMS IN BIELEFELD – dal 14 luglio al 4 agosto – Età 16-26 (IJGD 28333)
In Bielefeld volunteers will help to renovate a play park, redesign it, to make it interesting and appealing for the children in the area. You will redo the old play equipment, mend the sand pit and other broken facilities, renew the coverings of heavily used play areas, plaster paths and install new safety measures to protect the children.
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Polonia – THE WHISPERS OF FOREST – dal 29 luglio al 12 agosto – Età 18+ (FIYE810)
The whispers of the forest is a two-week artistic project with kids and youngsters from a small village in central Poland. Volunteers will be involved in all tasks related to the project: from organizing leisure time for kids to deliver food, to assist with the logistics and facilitate practical organization.
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Repubblica Ceca – CHILDREN SUMMER CAMP – dal 28 giugno al 10 luglio – Età 18+ (ESDA 300)
This workcamp takes place in the town of Nymburk and in a small village of Jizbice (Central Bohemia region) in cooperation with the local NGO Centre for All. Centre for All organizes free time activities and summer camps for children and youth with and without disabilities. Volunteers will do both manual tasks and work with autistic children.
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Germania anche per minorenni – WILDLIFE IN THE FOREST – NATIONAL PARK – dal 28 luglio al 5 agosto – Età 16-26 (IJGD 58400)
The work you will do depends on what will be necessary at the time. The possible jobs include: freeing of copper beeches; maintaining hiking trails; renewing the surface, repairing handrails etc.
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Ovviamente questa è solo una piccola parte delle centinaia di progetti di volontariato disponibili in tutto il mondo per maggiorenni e minorenni. Li trovi tutti su
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